I’ve played soccer my whole life, always drawn to the beauty and creativity of the game. Moving to LA and not being able to commit time to a league, I found myself searching out pick-up games around the city, where one can show up and jump in no questions asked.  I was meeting people I never would have, competiting and laughing with people from all walks of life, and seeing the power that sport can have in bringing people together. There is an unspoken language when you’re playing a game, regardless of who you are or where you’re from, and when you bring in the movement, concentration, and flow, it really let’s people drop their stories and come together in a way unlike anything else in our modern lives. I started to bring a camera and photograph some of the people I played with, then expanded to start documenting pick-up games of other sports around the city as well, concentrating on the people, and the homemade feeling of it all.